Monday, May 6, 2019

senior portraits

I like the balloons that tell you what year she is graduating   

The pose is very simply but the background is busy and nothing bland or boring 

This picture was a off guard and he looked at the camera he last second and it came to be a really good photo

The play ground makes the picture pop with color 

The cap and gown tells you what school she is graduating from  

The year he is graduating and his lettermen indicates that he plays sports

The soccer ball tells you that he plays soccer 

I like the plants in front of her and the cross tells you that she is religious 

A simply pose but the plants in the background make him pop with color 

The depth of field is amazing and the red flower in the background gives it a little color 

Friday, March 8, 2019

Close up

My quintessence photo is my nephew because he is very important to me he has changed my life. I chose this angle because I wanted one side of his face to lit by light and the other to be darker. The reason why he has a straight face is because he is an open angry kid. The reason why I chose to shoot up close is because it shows that he is open that talks about himself.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


What I learned as a photographer is that I have a unique eye, I try to look for angles most people won't see and my editing process is pretty simple I try to make the photo pop more with simple light and dark.

Still life:
Strengths are the colors and the depth of field.

Still life:
Strengths are colors and exposure 

Strengths are the depth of field, angle, and exposure

Strengths are exposure  

exposure and angle 

Angle, depth of field and colors

Strengths are colors and depth of field

Friday, October 12, 2018

Downtown 2018

The first quarter 

The depth of field brings out the clearness of the water 

The depth of field really takes this picture to another level and the way the colors mix so well together 

The black and white brings out the colors for the rest of the picture  

The reflection of the park to see what is going on in the background 

The blue sky goes really well with chimney