Thursday, November 1, 2018


What I learned as a photographer is that I have a unique eye, I try to look for angles most people won't see and my editing process is pretty simple I try to make the photo pop more with simple light and dark.

Still life:
Strengths are the colors and the depth of field.

Still life:
Strengths are colors and exposure 

Strengths are the depth of field, angle, and exposure

Strengths are exposure  

exposure and angle 

Angle, depth of field and colors

Strengths are colors and depth of field

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  1. In this photo it pays attention to the detail of the reflection through the water. Its exposure is great where it captured the light along with the silhouette in the water. Also the angle/ perspective this person decided to take it from is excellent in my opinion. I like that the picture isn't too cluttered or distracting and that it is solely focused on the reflection of the person in the water. Only thing I could say maybe improve it is cropping it differently maybe more if the feet out at the top or edit them out. Overall it is a great picture.